ITC Tradeshow Booth & Assets

Betterview is the property intelligence platform helping insurance companies improve and modernize their workflows. Insuretech Connect (ITC) annually hosts the world's largest gathering of insurance innovation in Las Vegas that draws over 9,000 attendees.

Design tradeshow booth and supporting assets

Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign

  • Crossbar area will be lit
  • Include 2 demo stations, reception area, and meeting area
  • Explore adding a hanging banner
  • Focus and distill messaging
  • Maximize floor space for foot traffic by placing the structures on opposite corners
  • Collaborate with Marketing team on ways to increase visitor engagement

Booth at ITC

Booth Mock - Front

Booth Mock - Back

Actual booth and mock-ups

Booth Proposal A - Front

Booth Proposal B - Front

Booth Proposal C - Front

Booth Proposal D - Front

Other booth proposals

Reception Poster
Reception Card Front Reception Card Back
Reception poster and reminder card

Mailer Front

Mailer Back

Mailed invitation

Giveaway Card Front Giveaway Card Back
Giveaway card

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